Drishtikon Jankalyan Samiti is a Non Government Organisation registered in December 2009 under registration number is 19996-09, registered under the societies registration Act – 44 1973. It is established to uplift the financial & enhancement of craftsman and also work for the society. From starting the organization is running with the committee of seven members. With the time may aims are added in the list. Organization also worked on the project of state government as well as central government. In present Drushtikon is working with the responsibility for the society.

The Society has a number of aims and objectives with respect to the development of the handicrafts sector as below:

  • To make strides to promote and aid the advancement of the Art and Craft sector.
  • To create awareness in the area of newer handicrafts. To increase the quality of the handicrafts.
  •  To upgrade the level of crafts persons.
  • To increase the production favor base for handicrafts.
  • To expose crafts person’s to met market directly.
  • To launch new products for trial and promotion.
  • The society has meetings of its bearers on a regular basis from time to time.

Employment oriented training was imparted to 500 women craftsperson’s in last three year. Drushtikon has organized awareness camps for this purpose. A design workshop was also organized to benefit about 200 women artisans by techniques. Women have been organized into groups and techniques. Women have been organized into groups to make bags, hammocks, swings, etc. for which mere is a demand in the local markets. Illiterate women from poor background have been taught basic reading and writing skills by this society.. It`s aim to bring about development in lac areas of training, marketing, new designs, confidence building measures. Awareness about the environment, education, health aid for economic development, meetings to estimate progress made etc.



To hone and leverage the innate skill of rural handicraft artisans, women and those from marginalised communities in particular, for enhancing their and their community’s economic condition and dignity.


Honing the skills of artisans and improvising traditional handicrafts to attune them with contemporary requirements through capacity building effort provided by the organisation.


To identify artisans with innate skill or potential and work on developing and honing their capacity and craft through the support of government and donor support. To provide exposure to trained artisans on consumers, markets, latest trends and preferences.


To utilize government schemes for skill upgradation of artisans on mass scale and wider geographical & craft-forms coverage. Suggest improvisations in crafts and provide exposure to/training on new techniques, tools, material and patterns. 

Core values

The organization is committed to enhancing capability of artisans with utmost sincerity and professionalism to provide a lifelong skill for them.

Sectoral Understanding

 Rural handicrafts sector is largely unorganized and the craft is practiced by and large on individual basis. Artisans have limited understanding and exposure to upgrading their skills, knowledge of new techniques, materials; marketing opportunities, packaging, pricing, knowing consumer behavior & buyer preferences. The organization undertakes work after an integrated understanding of all aspects of this sector, ranging from artisan, skills required, market conditions, pricing, raw material procurement, marketing, consumer behavior and preference.

The Roots